Real Estate investment Clubs


Does your Financial Adviser or Bank offer investments that are outside the traditional set of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, GIC’s and money market investments?

You may even have even asked them about investing some of your funds in real estate to diversify, and received an unfavorable response. Mention real estate to your Financial Adviser, and you might catch them with a sheepish look on their face, and they do not offer a solution for your needs.

The “dirty little secret” Financial Advisers and Banks do not want you to know is that 9 out of 10 people who successfully keep and grow their wealth do it through real estate. The best thing of all: It can be tax free or tax deferred growth.

Often, the reason why your funds are all in traditional, low-return or high-risk investments is that no other types of investments are offered by your Financial Adviser or Bank or they may not understand the power of real estate investing. They do not advise you on how to invest in real estate, because they cannot earn a commission on these types of investments.

And as you may have heard, most retirement accounts can be “self directed” to give you control and flexibility to diversify into high return, low risk real estate investments while maintaining your growth tax deferred or tax free.

At Rock Solid, we are your partner in all real estate transactions. We use a JV model to ensure our #1 priority is making you money.  Because we cannot be successful unless you are successful first!

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  • Experts in Real Estate Investing for over 25 years


  • never lost a dime of Investor money*


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                  - ​No investing experience required by Investor

                      - Little or no time require by Investor    


  • Innovative investing strategies to boost returns, while protecting investment


  • Access to deals not available to the public     


  • Experienced power team 

* Previous performance does not guarantee future returns