At the time of this writing, the average 1-year GIC returns only 1.25% on your money, and you have to lock in your investment for 5 years to get a whopping 2.5% APY on average.

With inflation rates over the past 10 years hovering between 1.59% and 3.85% (yearly averages according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), the return on your GIC’s barely beats inflation (in a “good year”).

At Rock Solid, our clients and investing partners enjoy structured investments with significantly higher returns* than traditional “cash investments”.

At the same time, your investment is always secured by real estate with property title, making it much safer than investing your money in individual stocks and mutual funds. And you don’t have to be a master day trader to get these ROI’s and protect your investment.

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our investors are earning a higher returnS than they ever thought possible and their name is secured against real property they can touch.*

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* Previous performance does not guarantee future returns.