we focus on 3 strategies that have proven themselves over and over again

There are many real estate investing strategies out there.  Our experience over the many years of investing in this market area has shown that 3 strategies continue to produce strong returns while having low risk:

1. Rent To Own

2. Apartment Buildings / Multi-Plex

3. Buy and Hold - Residential

REal estate strategies

Rent To Own that started in the USA and was brought to Canada approximately 15 years ago.  Rock Solid was one of the first Investors in Canada to use this strategy and we have perfected the process since its inception.

This is our most popular strategy as it generates the highest returns and provides many benefits:

  • Higher than normal cash flow
  • Non-refundable upfront option deposit from the Tenant (anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000)
  • Set future buy-out price for the home after 3 years. Increasing anywhere from 5%-6.5% compounded annually
  • No real estate sales commissions to be paid on exit
  • Higher quality of tenants that treat the home like their own - many times upgrading home at their cost
  • Tenant responsible for repair cost up to a certain amount

Rock Solid has become an expert at Rent To Own and developed a program that is a triple win.  A win for the Investor, Rock Solid and the Tenant.  Our reputation in this market is of the highest standards and integrity.

Even if the Tenant chooses not to purchase the home at the end of the 2-3 year period, Rock Solid's processes allow multiple options to continue to earn a profit or profitable exit the investment.

This is an exciting strategy that you should definitely learn more about.  Give us a call to find out we can work together to utilize this strategy.

Rent to own

buy and hold - residential

apartment buildings / multi-plex


Buy and hold residential properties is another long term wealth building strategy.

The mistake most investors in the GTA make, is that the properties they purchase do not cash flow.

Positive cash flow is critical rule that cannot be broken, for a number of reasons.  You cannot just bet on appreciation and "hope and pray".

With our properties, we ensure cash flow through the type of property and location or through other methods of renting the main floors and basements separately or through student rentals, where the cash flow goes through the roof!

Let's sit down and talk, and discuss which strategy best fits into your financial objectives.

Apartment buildings and mult-plexs are longer term wealth building strategies.

If analyzed and negotiated properly by a professional, this type of investment can be one of the lowest risk investments.

The goal is to hold these cash flowing "ATM Machines" and refinance them after 5-10 years, thus pulling equity out, tax free, for use to purchase new investments.

The concept is simple but there a lot of pitfalls, if you do not have the experience analyzing these deals and doing the proper due diligence in terms of:

  • Analyzing financials of the investment in term of true NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • Dynamics of the market area
  • Rent indices
  • Repairs and condition of building
  • Plus a host of other analysis to ensure a sound investment

Rock Solid is an expert at this analysis, due diligence and negotiation.

Then we take the investment and implement strategies to "force appreciation", thus further increasing the value of the investment.

Rock Solid's management of these investments also adds to the success of the investment.

If you think this type of investment is for you, please Contact Us to get more details on these opportunities.