• Capital investment

              - usually 20-25% of purchase price

  • Depending on R.E. strategy, possibly qualify for mortgage



1. No real estate investing experience?

2. No time?

3. No tolerance for the hassles of real estate investing?

                     NO PROBLEM!

Real Estate investing For Beginners

The power of the jv model

  • Obtain the best deals
    - Searching and finding the deals. Many times Rock Solid has access to deals not available to the public.
  • Negotiating the deal. One of our strengths with over 25 years of experience

                 - Deal analysis, negotiating, due diligence

  • Facilitate the mortgage process

  • Closing the deal

  • Manage the process of filling the property with quality profitable tenants

  • Asset Management

               - Increasing value through forced appreciation

               - Manage Property Managers

               - Managing finances, bill payments, transactions

               - Accounting

  • Dealing with all the headaches that come with Real Estate

               - This is huge!  Don't under estimate this!

  • Exiting the investment

               - Sale of the property for the highest price

               - We have strategies to get the highest price

The JV model is a very powerful model that forms a strong win-win partnership between the Investor and Rock Solid.

​Its structure forces Rock Solid to perform and achieve the highest returns, because if the Investor is not successful, then Rock Solid is not successful.

Each partner has a role and if the other does not deliver, then the JV cannot succeed.

This is very different from other models, such as most Mutual Fund models that just take a percentage of the total invested, regardless of performance.  With Mutual Funds, even if the Investor loses money, everyone else still gets paid, the Financial Adviser, the Mutual Fund Company, Intermediary/Back-End Companies, etc....even if they performed poorly and failed to protect the Investors investment, they still get paid!

With the JV model, if you don't make money, we don't make money!  How's that for an incentive!

In addition, for security, the Investor's name is secured on title of the property.  Rock Solid cannot make any changes without the knowledge of the Investor.

Please Contact Us to find out more about this beneficial model.

Rock Solid uses a Joint Venture (JV) model where a WIN-WIN partnership is formed between the Investor and Rock Solid.

The Investor does not need any Real Estate investing experience and very little or no time.

The Investor provides the down payment Equity for the investment and Rock Solid provides the “Sweat Equity”.